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Custom desserts, specifically cookies, are a labor of love and take time!  Please remember that I am a single baker who does all design, baking, decorating, packaging, and admin, therefore a special creation from Yellow Tulip Bakery will cost more than a few dozen cookies or a sheet cake from the grocery store.   


Is this your full time job?

Actually, no!  This is a business that I run on my nights and weekends after my full-time employment at my corporate tech job.  Therefore I have limited slots to offer for cookie orders and classes.  Post-Covid, I look forward to shifting YTB to be more exclusively class-focused and plan to phase out custom orders over time. 

How much do custom cookies cost?

Cookie pricing is determined by lots of different factors including complexity of the design (time to make each cookie), size of the cookie itself (2, 3, 4 inch), additional embellishments (text/words, jewels, hand painting, edible lace, glitter/sprinkles), and packaging (sealed in bags, ribbon, boxes, etc). 

Cookie prices start at $62/doz with a two dozen minimumComplex designs, details, embellishments, and extra large cookie shapes increase the time and supply cost for each cookie which will increase the per-cookie price. If you have an event coming up, I will gladly work with you to make a combination of elaborate or simple cookies to match your budget and theme!

What cookie flavors do you make?​

I offer several flavors and can take special requests as well. The best sellers are my Vanilla Butter Cookies which are a cross between a shortbread and sugar cookie, and my Dark Chocolate Cookies which have a rich chocolate flavor without being too sweet.

How are your cookies packaged?

All cookies are individually heat sealed in a bag for food safety, labeled, and stay fresh for up to two weeks, or frozen for up to three months. If you'd like party favors or extra special packaging, you can upgrade your order for an extra touch!

How far in advance should I place my order?

My cookie calendar fills up quickly, so I kindly request 4 weeks notice for any orders. I may be able to accomodate order on short notice if my schedule allows. Orders for large events and weddings must be scheduled at least 2 months in advance to ensure a spot on my calendar.

Can you make cookies from a picture I saw online? 

I --will not-- duplicate someone else's cookie designs as those belong to the artist who spent time and effort creating them. I would be more than happy to create a cookie set *inspired* by your theme or photos so that your order is custom and unique to you!


What is a Cottage Food business?

Yellow Tulip Bakery is a home-based bakery and operates in accordance with all Virginia Cottage Food laws.  These laws allow for low-risk foods that do not require refrigeration, like cookies, to be baked without requiring a professional commercial kitchen. 


Do you deliver?

I can deliver locally within 15 miles of Leesburg, VA. and may be able to accommodate delivery outside that window based on availability.  There may be a fee associated with delivery to your home or event.